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Did you ever wonder where the phrases, “Sorry, but my dance card is full”, or “Pencil me in” come from? Dance cards.

A dance card is a small booklet that lists the dances for the evening at a Ball. Attached to the dance card is a pencil the ladies and gentlemen use to list the name of their partner for a specific dance.

Dance cards have been a part of the Viennese culture for more than a hundred years. Large Balls were held before Lent, which included royalty and prominent members of society. The dance card was used to show their visibility and recognition to the King, Queen and their heirs. Imperial families had artists create ornate designs for the dance cards.

By the 1900’s, dance cards were fashionable for all types of societies. The dance cards were made more simply. Usually of heavy paper, the dance card was folded in half with the dances listed inside.

Today, dance cards are used by a variety of organizations. Many etiquette programs, or Cotillions, hold formal Balls during their program. There are also groups that recreate period social dances that use dance cards.

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Pencil Me In

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Price - $5.40 per dozen (12 pencils)
Pencil Length - 2 3/8" (approx. 6 cm)
Pencil Thickness - 1/4" (1/2 cm)
Silk Cord Length - 11 1/2" (28 1/2 cm)

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$8.50 up to 12 dozen pencils.
$15.00 for 13 to 28 dozen pencils.
$25.00 for 29 to 100 dozen pencils.

There is a $15 handling fee for each order.

If your order is over 100 dozen or outside the continental US, request special shipping quote.

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